Wisycom MTB40S-UN Trasmittente Plug-on Narrowband

  • Wisycom MTB40S-UN Trasmittente Plug-on Narrowband
  • Wisycom MTB40S-UN Trasmittente Plug-on Narrowband

Prezzo: 1.104,00€ + IVA
Prezzo (IVA inclusa): 1.346,88€

Modello: [WIMTB40SNB]
Produttore: Wisycom


Votazione 3.3/5 (10 Voti)

MTB40S-UN “Ultrasonic Narrowband” option is an extremely small and light pocket transmitter specially designed for professional wireless microphone applications.

The continuous shrinking spectrum has given us the opportunity to find new solutions and face the upcoming problems related to noise, interferences, and reduced working bandwidth.

Our new UN “Ultrasonic Narrowband” technology, allows:

  • Absolute protection from Ultrasonic interference (e.g. next-gen camera range trackers) thanks to a dedicated 70 dB filter
  • Narrowband operations, to operate using half of the bandwidth and have an extra 50% range.
  • Commute by SW to a wideband mode for compatibility with legacy Wisycom system

All of this with our pristine audio quality:

Caratteristiche Tecniche:
  • Banda di frequenza fino a 232 MHz nella gamma 470/1160MHz
  • Amplificatore a doppia alimentazione & configurazione con cancellazione di fase per operazioni libere da intermodulazioni
  • Disponibili opzioni Wideband e Narrowband
  • PCB in miniatura con design flessibile (senza connettori) per una durata estesa
  • Sistemi di companding selezionabili dall'utente
  • ENR (ottimizzato per il rumore)
  • ENC (ottimizzato per la voce)
  • Estensione dinamica in ingresso con limiter HW integrato (30 dB oltre il picco)
  • Alimentazione P48 phantom power per i microfoni a condensatore
  • Funzione linear permette di avere allocazioni di frequenza libera da intermodulazioni
  • Connettore XLR-3F con bloccaggio per assicurare la massima silenziosità e affidabilità!
  • Interfaccia a infrarosso per gestione e update firmware
  • Circuiteria in ingresso con trasformatore altamente lineare
  • Batterie: 2 AA Alkaline o ricaricabili NiMH o agli Ioni di Litio
Frequency ranges B7 option: 470 ÷ 663 MHz
B3 option: 510 ÷ 698 MHz
Switchable channels 2400 managed in 40 groups ofr 60 frequencies completely user customizable
Switching-window Up to 232 MHz, depending on band (see Variants below)
Frequencies Quartz PLL frequency synthesizer circuit (25 kHz step)
Frequency error ± 2.5 ppm, in the rated temperature range
RF Power switchable typ. 20 mW/ 20L mW / 50 mW /100 mW
note: in some countries high power can be disabled, for local norm!
Modulation wideband FM, with pre-emphasis (Narrowband on request)
Nominal deviation ±40 kHz Wideband (±25 kHz Narrowband option)
Peak deviation ±56 kHz Wideband (±35 kHz Narrowband option)
Spurious emissions < 2 nW
Telemetry feature TX transmits also a digitally modulated sub-carrier, suitable for:
▪ tone-squelch operating
▪ remote battery monitoring
▪ optional PTT (push to talk) operation
Noise Reduction system ENR (Wisycom Extended-NR), with independent Attack- and Recovery-time, noise optimized
ENC (Wisycom Extended-NC), with independent Attack- and Recovery-time, voice optimized & with reduced pre-emphasys
AF bandwidth 45 Hz ÷ 21 KHz (3dB), 55 Hz ÷ 20 KHz (1dB) Wideband with LPF at 20KHz
45 Hz ÷ 17 KHz (3dB), 55 Hz ÷ 15 KHz (1dB) Narrowband with LPF at 15kHz
Distortion < 0.3 % (0.15 % typ.)
SND/D ratio (Analogue) 45 Hz ÷ 21 KHz (3dB), 55 Hz ÷ 20 KHz (1dB) Wideband with LPF at 20KHz
45 Hz ÷ 17 KHz (3dB), 55 Hz ÷ 15 KHz (1dB) Narrowband with LPF at 15kHz
Audio input connector XLR-3F (transformer isolated) with locking collar and 48V phantom power
Audio input level from -54 dBu (775 uV) to 26 dBu (15.5 V) at peak deviation (1 kHz), adjustable in 1 dB steps
Max input level +26 dBu (15.5 V) at clipping, +20 dBu (7.75 V) at nominal level
Managing interface IrDA
LED RGB led indication with (red, green and blue):
▪ Wireless transmission status: GREEN on/RED off
▪ Battery lifetime status: GREEN steady (> 25%), slowly blinking (< 25%), quickly blinking (<12%)
▪ Modulation peek (if activated & the limiter is disabled): RED
▪ Limiter into action: Blue
Battery lifetime indication 8 steps : 7 bars (100%-87%-75%-63-50%-38%-25%) and “empty bar” quickly blinking (12% remaining)
Display High contrast OLED white display (128 x 32 pixels)
Power supply 2 AA size cell (Alkaline, rechargeable NiMH or Lithium)– Phantom Power to Mic (max 4 mA)
Temperature range -10 ÷ +55 °C
Dimensions 124 x 40 x 34 mm (Height-Width-Depth)
Weight Approx. 210 g. without batteries (250g with batt)

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