Wisycom MTB40S-UN Plugon Transmitter Narrowband

  • Wisycom MTB40S-UN Plugon Transmitter Narrowband
  • Wisycom MTB40S-UN Plugon Transmitter Narrowband

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Model: [WIMTB40SNB]
Manutacturer: Wisycom

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This product will be in stock on Wednesday 24 July, 2024.

MTB40S-UN “Ultrasonic Narrowband” option is an extremely small and light pocket transmitter specially designed for professional wireless microphone applications.

The continuous shrinking spectrum has given us the opportunity to find new solutions and face the upcoming problems related to noise, interferences, and reduced working bandwidth.


Our new UN “Ultrasonic Narrowband” technology, allows:

  • Absolute protection from Ultrasonic interference (e.g. next-gen camera range trackers) thanks to a dedicated 70 dB filter
  • Narrowband operations, to operate using half of the bandwidth and have an extra 50% range.
  • Commute by SW to a wideband mode for compatibility with legacy Wisycom system

All of this with our pristine audio quality:

  • Up to 232 MHz bandwidth in 470/1160MHz range
  • Dual power amplifier & phase canceling configuration for intermodulation free operation
  • Wideband and Narrowband options available
  • Miniature design with flexible pcb (no connectors) for extended reliability
  • User selectable companding systems
  • ENR (noise optimized)
  • ENC (voice optimized)
  • Input dynamic extension with an integrated HW limiter (30 dB above peak)
  • P48 phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Intermodulation free allows EQUALLY SPACES frequency allocat

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