SCHOEPS BF 250 Base di sostegno da pavimento

SCHOEPS BF 250 Base di sostegno da pavimento


Prezzo: 156,00€ + IVA
Prezzo (IVA inclusa): 190,32€

Modello: [SCBF250]
Produttore: Schoeps


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The Schoeps BF250 Heavy Floor Stand firmly holds an STR vertical support rod for microphones.
The special chuck, SPV 12-3/8, creates a quick connect and disconnect system which lets you plug into the chuck and tighten it by hand.
The special chuck lets you securely connect and disconnect your SPV 12-3/8ths rod with a twist of your hand.
The heavy weighted floor stand holds your microphone firmly in place during your performance.
The black textured finish is durable and helps your mic stand place the focus where it belongs, on the performance.