Hawk-Woods DV-F980 Batteria SONY-compatibile 7,2 V 7200 mAh

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DV-F980 Batteria serie L SONY compatibile 7,2 V 7200 mAh

The Hawk-Wood's DV-F980 Lithium-Ion Mini-DV Battery fully supports the INFO technology Sony relies on to display the battery usage.
The DV-F980 can be charged by any standard charger compatible with the Sony F-series (F550, F750, F960 or F970) see our MDV Chargers for more details.
They can also be charged directly on the camcorder!
Dimensions HxWxD(cm): 7 x3.8 x6.2
Weight: 309g
Output: 7.2V 7200mA
Cells: Lithium-Ion
Lithium-ion content: 4.20g
Operating temperature: -20~50C
Discharge and voltage protection
Short circuit protection
Sony NP-F product compatible

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