SANKEN CS-3e short shotgun microphone

SANKEN CS-3e short shotgun microphone
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Model: [SACS3E]
Manutacturer: SANKEN

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The Saneken CS-3e stands out among shotgun microphones because it maintains directivity over an extremely wide frequency range, especially in the low frequencies. Because of its unique design, the CS-3e is an excellent choice for use in difficult applications, such as close-to-ceiling positions or locations near a noisy camera. Even in such challenging situations, the excellent side and rear rejection of the CS-3e helps to capture only the targeted dialogue without ambient reverberation problems.

The CS-3e delivers sharp directional sound even in the lower frequencies. Sanken's original design results in a low proximity effect which facilitates working in a scene close-up and wide, while producing little change in sound character. In the CS-3e, three directional capsules are arranged in a front-back array to combine line microphone performance and
second-order pressure gradient response in a single system. With this unique design, the CS-3e achieves phenomenal supercardioid directivity in the lowest frequencies and throughout the full range in a microphone only 27cm (10 inches) in length. It is significant that the CS-3e picks up the targeted frontal sound sources with exceptional clarity over a wide frequency range - even in noisy ambient environments or in long reverberation spaces - by rejecting undesired noise and sounds coming from the rear and sides.
The CS-3e is small and lightweight with a low-cut switch to satisfy the various needs of location and studio recording. The standard 19mm diameter permits use of a wide range of accessories developed for enhanced performance and field mobility.

When a conventional shotgun microphone is near the sound source, proximity effect results in a boosting of certain low frequencies and slight masking of others. The CS-3e virtually eliminates the proximity effect and maintains sharp directivity, while the sonic characteristics do not change with varied distances between sources and microphone. This is a significant advantage over all other directional microphones.
Directivity: Super Cardioid / lobar
Transducer: DC biased condenser
Frequency range: 50Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity: (nominal at 1kHz) 40mV/Pa (-28dB,0dB=1V/Pa)
Equivalent noise level: (A-weighted) 15dB-A
Max SPL: (1% THD) 120dB SPL
Output impedance: at 1kHz 120Ω
Powering: +48±4V phantom
Current consumption: less than 2.5mA
Weight 120g
Dimensions 270mm X 19mm (diameter)
Surface finish matte black
Connector XLR-3M

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