BETSO Bowtie antenna, 470-700MHz, LTE low pass filter 700MHz

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BOWTIE antenna
BOWTIE è un'antenna compatta logperiodic a banda larga che è stata progettata per l'uso su una borsa audio. La sua larghezza di banda 470-700 MHz, il modello polare omnidirezionale (su un piano orizzontale) e il filtro passa-basso incorporato a 700 MHz offrono prestazioni impeccabili nell'odierno ambiente RF sempre più pieno di disturbi.

Wideband operation 470-700 MHz
The BOWTIE antenna structure brings working bandwidth 470-700 MHz, so you can be always sure your antenna is receiving as many signal as possible and you can take care of other things when shooting.

Inbuilt 700 MHz low pass filter
Today's RF spectrum is full of signals which can cause intermodulation and decrease range of your wireless system. These signals can be LTE - high speed mobile internet (now starts to occupy spectrum above 700 MHz), then 3G, GSM, bluetooth and WiFi to name a few.
BOWTIE has an inbuilt 700 MHz low pass filter which can effective remove these signals before first active parts in the receiver.

Accessories included:
1pc antenna holder 
1pc BNC-SMA(RA) 30 cm long cables for connecting antenna to the receiver or multicoupler.


Antenna structure gain 1.8 dBi (@ 600 MHz)
Antenna directivity as a dipole
Antenna polarization Linear
Antenna VSWR Excellent < 1.2 (@ 600 MHz)
Mechanic construction CNC milled, anodized aluminium alloy and glass-reinforced epoxy laminate
Mounting 1/4" thread
Dimensions (h x w x d) 170 x 111 x 14 mm (6.7" x 4.4" x 0.55")
Weight approx. 76 g (0.2 lb.) without holder and cable

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