Sennheiser SKM 6000 Trasmettitore Gelato Digitale

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Il radiomicrofono a mano Sennheiser SKM 6000 è dotato di connessione standard per capsula Sennheiser, pertanto può essere combinato con tutte le capsule microfoniche classiche delle Serie EW G3, Serie 2000 ed anche le capsule speciali della Serie 9000.

I trasmettitori Digital 6000 usano accumulatori ricaricabili ad alte prestazioni della serie Digital 9000.

The SKM 6000 digital handheld transmitter is equipped for every voice, every song and every demand on the world’s live stages. Maximum transmission reliability is delivered by the renowned Long Range mode superior audio quality by the proprietary Sennheiser Audio Codec (SeDAC) from the wireless masterpiece, Digital 9000. Sophisticated electronics prevent disturbing intermodulation, even with numerous transmitters in the most confined spaces. This allows operation in an equidistant frequency grid and efficiently utilizes the available frequency spectrum.

Via Sennheiser’s standard capsule interface, the SKM 6000 transmitter is compatible with microphone heads from evolution wireless G3, 2000, Digital 9000, and the Neumann KK 204 / 205 series.

A special magnesium housing offers the perfect balance between low weight and roadworthy construction.

The BA 60 lithium-ion battery pack ensures up to 5.5 hours of operation. Alternatively, operation is also possible with batteries from the B 60 battery set.

The transmitter is fully compatible with the EK 6042 and EM 9046 in Long Range mode.

  • Three frequency variations (470-558 MHz, 550-638 MHz, 630-718 MHz)
  • Sennheiser standard capsule interface, compatible with microphone heads from evolution wireless G3, 2000, Digital 9000, Neumann KK 204 and KK 205 series
  • Highly effective intermodulation protection
  • AES 256 encryption and Digital 9000 encryption
  • Compatible with EK 6042 and EM 9046 in Long Range mode
  • Li-ion battery packs with 5.5 hours run time
  • Magnesium housing

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