NEUTRIK NE8FAVYK Presa da pannello Ethercon RJ45

NEUTRIK NE8FAVYK Presa da pannello Ethercon RJ45


Prezzo: 8,50€ + IVA
Prezzo (IVA inclusa): 10,37€

Modello: [NE8FAVYK]
Produttore: Neutrik


Votazione 4.5/5 (2 Voti)

The EtherCon® Series is a ruggadized and lockable RJ45 connector system, optimized for proaudio, video and lightning network applications. The chassis connectors are shaped to fit into standardized panels out of the entertainment industry.
The D-Series offers the most rugged design of the EtherCon® series and is perfectly suitable for panel mount and the installer market.
RJ45 feedthrough receptacle, black D-shape metal flange with the latch lock. Mounting screws included.

Features & Benefits
  • Accommodates NE8MC* or any standard RJ45 plug
  • Approved latch lock system
  • Mountable from the front or rear of the panel

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