Wisycom MTP60-EUX Bodypack Transmitter

  • Wisycom MTP60-EUX Bodypack Transmitter
  • Wisycom MTP60-EUX Bodypack Transmitter
  • Wisycom MTP60-EUX Bodypack Transmitter

Price: 1.720,00€ + VAT
Price (VAT included): 2.098,40€

Model: [WIMTP60]
Manutacturer: Wisycom

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MTP60 is a pocket transmitter specially designed for professional wireless microphone applications.


  • The multi-band MTP60 currently has the widest tuning range of any wireless transmitter on the market (470 to 1075MHz)
  • Monitor & control with Bluetooth via Wisycom Manager software or mobile device apps to adjust parameters in real time
  • Dedicated hardware allows accurate real time position monitoring with advanced user interface
  • Advanced linear technology (L20mW) eliminates intermodulation distortion for more robust signal
  • Embedded recorder to record directly on the MTP60 memory card and integrated Linear Time Code decoding
  • Enhanced robustness against self-interferences and antenna performances thru a proprietary “intermodulation cancellation” circuit
  • An integrated haptic engine that gives tactile feedback with different vibration patterns
  • FPGA based signal processing allows easy switching between wide and narrow band operation
  • Miniature design with flexible PCB (no connectors) for extended reliability
  • New ENS compander for a totally clear sound
  • Powering with 2 x AA battery (Alkaline, NiMh, Lithium) or MPRLBP lithium battery (5.55 Wh)
  • Bluetooth interface and mobile app allows full control from mobile or tablet
  • Integrated low-pass audio filter eliminates ultrasonic interference from devices such as focus pullers
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