Wisycom MRK 16 Multi-Slot Receiver Tray for the MCR54

Wisycom MRK 16 Multi-Slot Receiver Tray for the MCR54
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Model: [WIMRK16]
Manutacturer: Wisycom

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MRK16 is a modular wireless-microphone receiver system that fit up 16 channels in a
compact 19” 1RU alluminium chassis. It accepts up to 4 MCR54 receivers, providing antenna
distribution, RF filtering and advanced audio routing (analogue, AES3 and Dante).


  • Up to 16 true diversity channels in a compact 19” 1U rack (4x MCR54)
  • Ultra wideband receiver system from 470 to 1260 MHz equipped with 10 automatically selected band-pass filters
  • RF Over Fiber for reception without distance limits! The fiber module EXP2 allows to replacement of coaxial cable and antennas located miles away
  • Multiple audio outputs:
    -Digital (AES72&AES59)
    -Dante (primary&secondary)
    -Analog (2xDB25 Tascam wiring)
  • Dual Area Matrix to select and combine 2 diversity zones. Antenna booster and remote control of Wisycom LFA/ADFA/BFA.
  • Bluetooth 5 Long Range: Class 1 (100mW) remote control to connect Wisycom devices within a range of hundreds of meters.
  • Daisy chain up to 4 racks for 64 channels in only 4U
  • 5 ports manageable Gigabit Ethernet switch (ETH5 is connected to an internal SFP module for fiber data)
  • Redundant (dual) power supply on XLR
  • Dual Power Over Ethernet input and PoE output (PE1 optional)
  • USB-C connectivity with powering (1.5A)

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