Wisycom LFA Wideband Active Antenna

Wisycom LFA Wideband Active Antenna
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Model: [WILFA]
Manutacturer: Wisycom

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LFA is a directional antenna with a unique design to achieve an ultra-wideband of 410-1300 MHz, a compact and rugged form factor and a reduce wind resistance.


  • Huge reception band: 410-1300 MHz
  • RF gain from -12 to +27 dBu (1 dB step)
  • Easy configuration thru a TFT display
  • Tunable filter for interference control
  • Antenna off for RF zone disabling
  • Fixed band saw filter
  • Skeletal design for low wind loading
  • 3 High Pass & 3 Low Pass filters
  • Waterproof with gasket sealing

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