VdB S-QT Microphone boompole 50cm/2,10m (quarter turn)

Mod:[VDBQTS] Prod: VdB VandenBergh
Price: 315,00€ + VAT
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The VDB S-QT boompole consists in 6 rigid carbon pipes  insuring  very low microphonics as well as the stability requisite involved for standing  miscellaneous pieces equipment such as the microphone, its windscreen ,the suspension and associated radio transmitter.
This new model has an innovative collars system for locking and loosing the pole by exentration with a 1/4 hand turn. The tightening doesn't have threads anymore which is an attractive feature against dust, sand, .., and makes this line adapted to any filming situation.

Folded total length : 50cm
Unfolded, total length : 2,10m.

Total Weight : 370grs

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