URSA Fur Circles Fur Circles Mini Windshields for Lav Mic, 9pcs, 13mm

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URSA Fur Circles Mini Windshields for Lavalier Microphone (Pack of 9). Includes 9 Fur Circles & 30 URSA Sticky Circles

URSA Fur Circles are 25mm diameter and made from 13mm length super soft synthetic fur.

URSA Fur Circles have a really soft quiet 13mm long fur which helps reduce wind noise and also acts as a really quiet buffer between fabrics. They are cut using a drilling technique which keeps the length of fur equal all the way around the circle. This way you don't end up with one side having shorter hair than the other.


  • Multipack - Includes 9 Fur Circles: 3 x Black, 3 x White, 3 x Brown & 30 Sticky Circles.
  • Single Colour Packs - Available in 3 colours: Black, Brown & White. Includes 9 Fur Circles & 30 Sticky Circles.

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