The Concart Mini Follow Cart

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Price: 970,00€ + VAT
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It's solid enough to bring equipment, bags or cases to afford any kind of film and television project.
It’s compact and foldable in a few seconds,
with no need of removing the accessories,
perfect for any location!
Bring it with you everywhere, the mini follow cart is made for those who never wanna be without it!
 Folded: H 33 cm / W 53 cm / L 88 cm
 Assembled: H 93 cm / W 53 cm / L 88 cm
 Shelfs: H 5 cm / W 53 cm / L 80 cm
Room between the shelves: 65 cm
8" high quality pneumatic wheels, with nylon circle and ball bearings, 2 swivel wheels with brake and 2 straight with 12mm axle
Weight: 23 kg
Max Load Capacity: 150 kg
It comes with:
2 cable hooks
2 boom holders
1 umbrella support
Steel (wheel forks, axle and joints)

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