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  • Sound Devices +4 Plugin for 833
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Model: [SD4PLUG]
Manutacturer: Sound Devices

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Need to customize your 833 with additional channels for high channel count productions or extra routing flexibility? The +4 Plugin adds four fully-featured ISO channels/record tracks, turning your 833 into a 12 channel, 16 track mixer-recorder.

These additional channels can be sourced from any input and routed to the main mix bus, additional buses, and any output. Now you can pack in the tracks with wireless channels from your SL-2 and via the analog, AES, or USB inputs.

You can also use the extra channels for redundancy: record up to 6 unprocessed and 6 processed tracks with any effect. Apply low-cut, EQ, delay, limiters, compression, Automix, NoiseAssist or CEDAR sdnx – just like the original eight channels.

The +4 Plugin requires 8-Series and SD-Remote v8.80 or higher to run.

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