Sennheiser MKH 8040 Stereo set Matched pair of MKH 8040

Sennheiser MKH 8040 Stereo set Matched pair of MKH 8040
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Model: [SEMKH8040ST]
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Coppia di microfoni Sennheiser MKH 8040, RF a condensatore, cardioide

Descrizione Generale

Il microfono cardioide MKH 8040 è utilizzabile per qualsiasi applicazione. Riduce consistentemente il reverbero della stanza. Risolve i problemi durante la ripresa in ambienti con un acustica scarsa o in casi in cui provengano disturbi sonori dal retro della ripresa.

The technical specifications for the new 8040 differ slightly from its MKH40 forebear. For example, the frequency response of the new model is claimed to extend between 35Hz and 50kHz, whereas the older, larger model ranges from 40Hz to 20kHz. The 8040's sensitivity is also 2dB less than the MKH40, at 20mV/Pa, and the self-noise is 1dB higher, at 13dBA, but the maximum SPL has been increased, usefully, to 142dB (for one percent distortion). It is worth noting, though, that the MKH40 is equipped with both a 10dB pad switch and a bass-cut filter, neither of which is available on the 8040.
The 8040's polar pattern is well controlled, being a near-perfect cardioid up to 4kHz or so. Above that it develops a small rear tail and narrows across the front. Neither are unusual, but the MKH40's published polar response is a little tidier at the high end. Turning to the frequency response, the quality-control plots for MKH40s always looked like they had been drawn with a ruler! In contrast, the 8040 exhibits a gentle 2dB presence lift extending between about 5kHz and 20kHz, and there is roughly 1dB of 'bass bloom' from 400Hz down to about 60Hz. Below that, the bass roll-off is very smooth, at only about 3dB per octave.
Delivery Includes
2 Microphone head MKHC 8040
2 XLR module MZX 8000
2 Microphone clip MZQ 8000
2 Windshield MZW 8000
1 User manual
1 Aluminium transport case

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