Schoeps ORTF-3D Outdoor Surround System

Mod:[SC176201] Prod: Schoeps
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The Schoeps ORTF-3D was developed with optimal imaging characteristics in mind. It is part of the SCHOEPS ORTF series, similar to 'ORTF Stereo' and 'ORTF Surround' setups. It features very good 360° imaging with a pleasant, natural-sounding spatial impression and a large listening area.

The ORTF-3D setup uses 8 supercardioid studio quality microphones.

The 'ORTF-3D Outdoor Set' is a complete set. It includes:

  • No. 176202: WSC ORTF-3D: windshield with suspension and fur and integrated heating as well as cabling
  • 4 * No. 121017: CCM 41, Supercardioid Microphones
  • 4 * No. 121103: CCM 41V Supercardioid Microphones
  • 2 * No. 152407: K Surround 5 M: 4ch multicore cable
  • 1 * No. 152403: AK Surround M / 4U: 4ch breakout cable
  • 1 * No. 154202: AK Surround H M / 4U: 4ch breakout cable with heating supply

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