SCHOEPS miniCMIT Miniature Shotgun Microphone

Mod:[SCMCMIT] Prod: Schoeps
Price: 1.690,00€ + VAT
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The shotgun microphone Schoeps MiniCMIT offers the characteristics of a CMIT 5 in more compact form. The MiniCMIT, CMIT 5 and SuperCMIT (ch2) have identical frequency response curves. Furthermore, the MiniCMIT and CMIT 5 have circuitry with similar characteristics, such that the microphones can be interchanged without altering the sound.

Tech Specs 
Fixed Lowcut @ 70 Hz/24 dB/ oct., 70 - 20.000 Hz
P48 / >24 V phantom power
Sensitivity 16.5 mV/Pa, 130 dB SPL max.,
Ddimenions: 151 x 21 mm
Weight 78g, including wooden nagrit box, stand adaptor SG 20 and W 140B foam windscreen

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