SCHOEPS B 5 Foam Popscreen 20mm

  • SCHOEPS B 5 Foam Popscreen 20mm
  • SCHOEPS B 5 Foam Popscreen 20mm
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Model: [SCB5]
Manutacturer: Schoeps

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The Schoeps B 5 is an acoustic foam close-speech popscreen; it provides sufficient protection at normal speaking distances for cardioids and other directional capsules, especially when speech capsules of the P-series are used.

The B 5 D variant is hollow inside, and thus encloses an air volume around the microphone capsule like a windscreen basket. The foam of the B 5 D is mounted on a plastic carrier that sits firmly on the microphone. The foam thus does not touch the microphone, which reliably prevents any motion noise. The microphone should be pushed as far as possible into the B 5 D. Compatible with all axially addressed microphones from SCHOEPS.

With omnidirectional capsules it may even be used outdoors in light wind. Minimal effect on sound quality.

For microphone capsule with 20mm diameter.