Rycote Undercovers Microphone, 30 multicolor Pads, 30 Stickies

Rycote Undercovers Microphone, 30 multicolor Pads, 30 Stickies
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Price (VAT included): 12,20€

Manutacturer: Rycote

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The Rycote Undercovers are our new disposable mounting & windshield system for personal (lavalier) microphones. The Undercovers come supplied in packs, with 3 sheets of double-sided adhesive pads (10 pads per sheet - 30 pads total).

The mounting pads, are double-sided adhesive pads. The adhesive materials used have been sourced from the medical industry, and are both suitable for use on fabrics & skin. The pads are simply peeled from a sheet, and pressed onto the skin or clothing. The top liner can then be peeled from the pad.

The microphone is then simply pressed onto the adhesive pad, and held in place with the adhesive coating. The two adhesive surfaces of the pads sandwich a soft fabric, this prevents the mount for creaking when the mic is attached.

The fabric disc is then pressed over the microphone and the adhesive pad. The 1" diameter (25mm ) fabric discs windshields, are made from an extremely soft woven fabric. The fabric is soft enough to prevent clothes rustle and low level windnoise. Each pack is supplied with 3 colours of fabric discs - 1 of each colour. The colours provided are white, grey & black.


1. Peel from sheet

Fit the Stickie

2. Stick pad on skin or clothing

Peel off Stickie

3. Peel off top liner

Fix Mic

4. Press on a Microphone

Place fabric disc over mix, onto Stickie

5. Add the fabric cover

For situations where the microphone is exposed to heavier windnoise, we have also introduced the "Overcovers". The Overcovers work in exactly the same way, but with a small fur disc as the windshield instead of fabric. For more details please see Overcovers.

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