Rycote Super-Shield series, windshield kit, 3-sizes

Mod:[RYSUPERSHX] Prod: Rycote
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The Rycote Super-Shield Kit is a complete windshield and shock mounting system for shotgun microphones up to 300mm in length.

The Super-Shield is the updated version of a well-proven Rycote design - a rigid basket windshield that totally encloses the microphone for the best wind noise reduction. The central chassis supports a range of "pods" in lengths to fit almost all location-style microphones, and provides for good aerodynamic balance and adjustment of centre-of-mass balance. Our patented Lyre suspension isolates the microphone, and together with a captive cable, minimises handling noise. The pods have a fast-to-use twist-lock fixing to allow easy access to the microphone.

1) Super-Shield Kit Small, lenght up to 200 mm, total lenght 300 mm, compatible with:
Sanken: CS 1
Schoeps: CMC SERIES, also with CUT1
Sennheiser: ME62K6; ME64K6; MKH 30/40/50; MKH 8060+ MZX

2) Super-Shield Kit Medium, for microphones with lenght from 200 to 250 mm, total lenght 400 mm, compatible with:
DPA: 4017
Neumann: KMR 81i; KMR 81D

Sanken: CMIT 5U
Sennheiser: MKH 416

3) Super-Shield Kit Large, for microphone with lenght from 250 to 300 mm, total lenght 450 mm, compatible with:

Sanken: CS-3e
Sennheiser: MKE 600


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