Rycote Stickies Advanced O-shaped Microphone Pads

Mod:[RY066321] Prod: Rycote
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Price: 15,00€ + VAT
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Stickies Advanced

Stickies Advanced are double-sided, hypoallergenic, adhesive pads used to affix lavalier microphones directly onto skin or on top of clothing. The soft fabric sandwiched between the two adhesive pads prevents the adhered mic from creaking due to skin or clothing movement. Stickies Advanced are designed to remain secure when attached to a dry surface and are intended to be discarded after use.

Key features

  • Stickier hypoallergenic adhesive on both sides;
  • Supplied loose with easy peel-off tabs to make use easier;
  • O’s – allow wind protection on DPA Concealers, or folded-over with Overcovers;

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