Rycote Lyres suspensions, pair

Rycote Lyres suspensions, pair
Available EAN: 5060326537579

Price: 24,00€ + VAT
Price (VAT included): 29,28€

Model: [RY042271]
Manutacturer: Rycote

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The Lyre suspension is based on a clip technology built in to the Lyre web configuration eliminating the need for clips and "O" rings. Lyre webs are constructed of Dupont Hytrel-- a thermoplastic with polymer elastomers which has the strength of plastic combined with the elasticity of rubber. The Lyre web is virtually indestructible yet bounces back to its normal shape even after enduring eye-watering knots and/or arctic temperatures. This material and the Lyre shape have a superior rating for low frequency transmission when compared to traditional rubber mounts. Installation of any Lyre set is very simple as the Lyres mount to existing threaded holes in your suspension bar. The Lyres come complete with hexhead screws and foot adapters attached.

Codice 042271: Coppia di Lire con attacco per Cyclone 72 shore (19/25) (with modular adaptor & screws)

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