Rycote Baseball Windshield, 3 sizes

Mod:[RYBA19] Prod: Rycote
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Price: 33,00€ + VAT
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The Baseball came about from listening to customers; it offers a fast, practical solution to address the universal ‘swooshing’ noise problem experienced by sound pros when booming.

Significantly increased performance versus conventional foam windscreens
Rapid attachment and removal
Durable and easily maintained
Incredibly lightweight – only 17g
Offers capsule protection to the mic (during scene ‘down-time’ and equipment changes)
Acoustically transparent open cell foam and soft felt cover construction
Handmade in the UK

Available in 3 sizesi:
BA19: per microfoni diametro 19/20 mm, Schoeps CMC e simili
BA21: per microfoni diametro 21/22 mm, Neumann KM 184 e simili
BA24: per microfoni diametro 24/25 mm, MKH 50 e simlli

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