PSC MilliMic, TA5F or locking mini-jack

Mod:[PSMMTA5F*] Prod: PSC
Price: 140,00€ + VAT
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PSC MilliMic, w/ TA5F connector for Lectrosonics
PSC MilliMic, w/ mini-jack locking for Sennheiser Evolution

No accessory furnished nor case.

Professional Sound Corporation® has designed and built the ultimate production lavalier, the MilliMic. Incorporating the latest in capsule design, the MilliMic boasts miniature size, very high output, a low inherent noise floor and exceptional shielding against electromagnetic interference. The soft, flexible and non-reflective finish of the MilliMics cable will also better isolate handling noise and keep the MilliMic unobtrusive on camera.

Size .180" x .290" x 3.13" (4.4mm x 7.4mm x 8mm)
Weight Mic w/ cable: 0.55oz
Current Drain <30uA
Microphone Type Omni Electret
Self Noise < 25dB
Frequency Response 40 to 16,000 Hz
Operating Voltage 0.9 to 20Vdc
Power Supply Size .750" x 4.700" (18.4mm x 115mm)
Battery AA Lithium
Operating Voltage 0.9 to 20Vdc
Maximum SPL 126dB
Power Supply Weight 6 oz.

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