PSC Inductive Neck Loop

PSC Inductive Neck Loop
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PSC Neck loop

Professional Sound Corporation has met the high demands for discrete cueing with the development of the Inductive Earpiece. This inductive cueing system is quite simple to use. Audio is transmitted from any source via an inductive loop. The talent can wear a small, flexible neck loop which couples audio via a low level magnetic field into a hearing aid style earpiece. Alternately, a perimeter or "room loop" may be used to encircle an entire room or stage allowing many people to receive the same cue. Both of these two uses allow the talent to receive a discrete cue on camera.

The Professional Sound Corporation Inductive Earpiece is routinely used for cueing of news anchors, actors, stage performers, dancers, and other on camera personalities. Its small size can be worn by both adults and children alike. It is made of a flesh color ABS plastic to provide better on camera concealment. The PSC Inductive Earpiece comes complete with a cleaning brush, ear swabs, a supply of batteries and an attractive carry case. This small Inductive Earpiece comes with a 90 day, limited warranty.

PSC # FPSC0037
Shell Material ABS Plastic
Shell Color Flesh Tone
Receiver Type Magnetic
Pick Up Coil
Peak SPL
@ 2100 Hz
Ave Output
Battery Type #10 Zinc Air
Battery Drain 0.9mA
Battery Life 50 Hours
Warranty 90 Days, Limited


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