PSC Euro Cart Caster Kit

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Price: 145,00€ + VAT
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This PSC Euro Cart Caster Kit includes a custom-designed, heavy duty caster plate that is finished in the same textured, black powder coat as the EuroCart base and frame. Included are two 3" (77 mm) casters with locking brakes. This caster kit allows for easy rolling of the cart both on set and off. This kit installs in the place of the two rubber bumpers that come with the standard EuroCart.

The installation of this caster kit raises the cart approximately 2.6" (66 mm). For EuroCarts manufactured from April 1st, 2016 and forward, installation is accomplished by using just two bolts and takes less than 5 minutes. For older EuroCarts, installation will require two new holes be drilled in the cart base so as to relocate the rear tire axle to the proper matching height for use with the caster kit. Each caster kit comes complete with drilling instructions and hole location templates.

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