NEUMANN KMS 104 Neumann microphone cardioid

NEUMANN KMS 104 Neumann microphone cardioid
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The Neumann KMS 104/104 plus and the KMS 105 microphones have been developed to optimally transmit the human voice with respect to the demanding conditions present on the live stage.

The KMS series has become the internationally acknowledged standard for first-class stage microphones.

The high acoustic resolution and smooth frequency response of the microphones ensure that the musician has optimal control of the stage performance at all times.

Especially due to their low self-noise and crosstalk behavior which is free of coloration, the KMS microphones are ideal for use with in-ear monitoring systems.

The KMS 104 and the KMS 104 plus have a condenser microphone capsule with a cardioid directional characteristic which provides the best possible suppression of sounds originating from behind the microphone. In contrast, with its supercardioid characteristic the KMS 105 is particularly good at suppressing sounds originating from the entire 180° hemisphere behind the microphone. The KMS 104 plus features, compared to KMS 104, a more extended bass frequency response. In close cooperation with professional musicians, with the aid of extensive practical tests, the KMS 104 plus has been especially optimized for the requirements of female voices in the rock and pop field.

The user can thus select the version that is optimally suited to the specific application.

Provided with SG 105 clamp and nylon case.

KMS 104 Neumann cardioid microphone, color nikel
KMS 104 mt Neumann cardioid microphone, color nero

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