NEUMANN KMR 81 D (mt) Digital Short-gun Microphone

NEUMANN KMR 81 D (mt) Digital Short-gun Microphone
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Model: [NEKMR81D]
Manutacturer: NEUMANN

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The Neumann KMR 81 D is the transition of the well-established KMR 81 i shotgun microphone into the digital domain. It provides all of the features of its analog counterpart, which made it a favorite of sound engineers in movie and documentary productions. Additionally it offers the advantages of the digital circuit technology, such as extended dynamic range, a more robust operation (EMC safe) and the avoidance of clipping as a result of the integrated peak limiter/compressor. 

The settings for all functions can be recalled, set and stored in the microphone by using one of the digital microphone interfaces.

Specifications KMR 81 D
Acoustic transducer: Interference transducer
Directional characteristic: Supercardioid/lobe

Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Free-field sensitivity1):–36 dBFS
Equivalent noise level, CCIR3): 21 dB
Equivalent noise level, A-weighted3): 9 dB-A
Signal-to-noise ratio2), CCIR3): 73 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio2), A-weighted3): 85 dB
Maximum SPL at 0 dBFS: 123 dBSPL
Dynamic range, A-weighted4): 114 dB

44,1/48 kHz: 41 samples
88,2/96 kHz: 49 samples
176,4/192 kHz: 99 samples

- Sampling rates: 48 kHz 
- Gain: 10 dB
- Compressor on, Attack time 100 ms, Release time 0.5 s,
Threshold –10 dBFS, Ratio 2:1

Supply voltage range: +7 V to +10.5 V
Current consumption: max. 150 mA
Weight: approx. 90 g, Diameter: 42 mm, Length: 212 mm
General Specifications of the Solution-D microphones
Interface: AES42

Remote controlled functions:
- Polar pattern4)
- Low-cut: flat, 40, 80, 160 Hz
- Pre-attenuation: 0 , -6, -12, -18 dB
- Gain: 0...63 dB in 1 dB steps, clickless
- Testsignal: 1 kHz, pink noise, white noise
- Sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz
- Parametric compressor/limiter (incl. de-esser function)
- Independent peak limiter avoiding any clipping
- Switch functions: soft muting, phase reverse, signal lights
- Signal lights: red4) and blue LEDs
- System functions, firmware download

A/D conversion: Neumann process (patented), 
28-bit internal word length

Digital signal processing: Fixed-point, 
variable internal word length 28 bits to 60 bits

- Asynchronous operation (free-running, AES42 - Mode 1),
basic frequency accuracy: ± 25 ppm
- Synchronous operation (AES42 - Mode 2), 
pulling range: Min. ± 100 ppm

Power supply (phantom power complying with AES42)

Output: XLR3M, 24 bits as per AES/EBU (AES3)

All data with respekt to 0 dB pre-attenuation and 0 dB gain.
1) at 1 kHz
2) re 94 dBSPL
3) according to IEC 60268-1; 
CCIR-weighting according to CCIR 468-3, quasi peak; 
A-weighting according to IEC 61672-1, RMS
4) D-01 only

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