MAX CASES 001T Watertigh mini-case, 4 compartments

Mod:[MAX001T] Prod: MAX CASES
Price: 12,00€ + VAT
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Max Grip line, waterproof and dustproof utility box. They are IP67 certified and equiped with an automatic pressure release valve. These boxes are suitable for any type of use or application, ensuring superior protection from impacts and elements. Available in different sizes and versions: empty and with compartments.

Trasparente, con 4 scomparti, vedi foto 1, 2, 3
Nero, vuoto senza divisori, vedi foto 4.

EXTERNAL SIZE: 175x115xH47mm (6.88x4.52xH1.85 inch)
• INTERNAL SIZE: 157x82xH41mm (6.18x3.22xH1.61 inch)
• DEPTH TOP - BOTTOM: 12+29mm (0.47+1.14 inch)
• WEIGHT: 160 g
• STAMPAGGIO: ad iniezione
• TEMPERATURE: -10 / 80°C (14 / 176°F)
• PERSONALIZZAZIONI: serigrafia, etichetta resinata

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