Lectrosonics UFM230 UHF Filter/Amp module

Lectrosonics UFM230 UHF Filter/Amp module
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Model: [LTUFM230]
Manutacturer: Lectrosonics

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UHF Filter/Amp module, 230 MHz Bandwidth.

The Lectrosonics UFM230 provides a unique solution for antenna systems requiring long cable runs or distribution to multiple receivers or locations. The amplifier in the unit provides 12 dB of gain without attenuation. Gains of 5 dB and 8 dB can also be selected using the supplied attenuators. The built-in filters provide a 230 MHz passband.

To determine the correct attenuator for a particular application, first determine the total dB loss due to connectors, splitters, cabling, etc. The above example illustrates a 4-way passive splitter (ZFSC41) with 6 db loss and a coax cable (ARG15) with 2 db loss for a total loss of 8 dB. Therefore, you need 8 dB of gain in the UFM50.

The example below show the UFM50 with a long coaxial cable (ARG100) connected to a receiver or multi-coupler. The cable presents 4.6 dB of loss, which can be rounded off to a required gain of 5 dB. A UFM50 configured for 5 dB of gain will offset the cable loss.


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