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Model: [LTSRC]
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The Lectrosonics SRc5P and SRc receiver consists of two separate receivers built into a single, ultra compact housing with adapters for video camera receiver slots and for stand-alone use. Digital Hybrid Wireless® technology provides superb, compandor-free audio quality and compatibility with other wireless systems. The RF performance is extremely stable over a very wide temperature range, making the receiver perfectly suited to the rough environmental conditions found in field production.
DSP compatibility modes allow the receiver to be used with a variety of Lectrosonics systems, other brands of wireless systems and with Lectrosonics IFB transmitters.
Fits camera “slots,” Lectrosonics Duopack adapter and Octopack multicoupler, and operates stand-alone with various adapters
•Tunes over a 75 MHz range* (3 blocks)
•Dual receiver design for two channels with phase switched diversity or single channel with ratio diversity operation
•Digital Hybrid Wireless® with compatibility modes for use with other transmitters
•Tracking front-end filters for high performance in tough RF environments
•LCD with RF spectrum scanning
•SmartSquelchTM DSP-controlled, noise based filtering and squelch
•DSP-based pilot tone for squelch control
•IR sync port for quick transmitter setup (LMb, LT, HHa, HMa, & SSM)
•SmartTune operation for quick and confident frequency selection

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