Lectrosonics SRBATTSLED Battery adapter, for battery type L and M

Mod:[LTSRBATTSLED] Prod: Lectrosonics
Price: 285,00€ + VAT
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SRBATTSLED Battery "sled" adapter, for rechargeable battery type L and M

The SR receiver can be powered by L and M type rechargeable batteries using an optional battery "sled" adapter (Lectrosonics Model SRBATTSLED). The adapter includes two balanced outputs with TA3M connectors and a power jack with an integral switch that disconnects the battery when a plug is inserted.
The adapter sled does not include charging circuitry. Batteries must be recharged with the chargers supplied with them.

Disponibile in 2 versioni:
-TOP: con slitta batteria sulla parte superiore del ricevitore
-BOTTOM: con slitta batteria sulla parte inferiore del ricevitore

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