Lectrosonics RF System composed of 2x SSM SRc, analog/digital outs

Mod:[LTSYS51D] Prod: Lectrosonics
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Price: 5.549,00€ + VAT
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Lectrosonics 2-channel RF system with two SSM/E01 transmitters plus one SRc double receiver, analog outs or analog/digital outs, 75 MHz Bandwidth.

State of the art in efficiency, quality and reliability. Perfectly pure sound and high immunity to RF interference from outside.

The system SYS51AD with analog and digital outputs is composed of:
Price: EUR 5.300,00 plus IVA:
- n. 2 SSM/E01 Transmitter 
- n. 1 SRc UHF Double Receiver, with AMM antennas
- n. 1 SR-AES3 Adapter for stand alone use, both analog and digital outs
- n. 2 Output balanced cables from TA3F to Low Profile XL3-M
- n. 1 Y cable for digital outputs

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