Lectrosonics LT/E01 Bodypack Transmitter, high-performances

Mod:[LTLTA1] Prod: Lectrosonics
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Un'interessante intervista fatta da IPS-TV durante l'IBC Show 2014 e riguardante la serie L (Large Band) Lectrosonics

The Lectrosonics LT transmitter features 25 or 100 kHz tuning steps (yielding up to 3,072 selectable frequencies), an integrated multi-function switch with menu-selectable modes for power, mute or talkback, and a graphic LCD and membrane switch panel plus IR synch port for ease of setup and operation. The LT additionally facilitates user-selectable RF transmission power of 50 or 100 mW. A detachable antenna adds to the LT's versatility by allowing for remote mount antennas. Also, the LT responds to remote commands from either the dedicated Lectrosonics RM remote unit or smartphone apps with this capability. Along with the standard Lectrosonics microphone input, a user-selectable 1 MOhm input is ideal for use with musical instruments, including guitars with passive pickups. The LT is housed in a newly designed machined aluminum housing featuring a super-hard EbNi ‘Ebony’ conductive finish. Power is provided via two AA batteries. Applications for the LT transmitter include TV and film production, ENG, stage, musical instruments, camera hops, corporate AV, and many others.

The LT is available in 2 different frequency ranges for worldwide use:
A1 (470.100 - 537.575 MHz) (Blocks 470, 19, 20)
B1 (537.600 - 614.375 MHz) (Blocks 21, 22, 23)

  • Digital Hybrid Wireless ®  Wide Band Transmitter
  • Compandor free audio
  • 75 MHz pass band covers more than 12 NTSC TV channels or 8 PAL channels
  • UHF from 470-614MHz in two bands
  • Choice of tuning setups - 100kHz or 25kHz
  • Compatible with all Lectrosonics receivers
  • Emulation Modes
  • Machine Aluminum Housing with wire belt clip
  • AA batteries
  • IR sync port
  • Multi-function switch programmable for Mute, Power, Talkback or Disabled
  • User selectable 50 mW or 100 mW RF power output (US version only)
  • Multi-purpose input adapts to instrument pickups
  • 24 bit/88.2 kHz sampling
  • .74"(18.8mm) x 2.44"(62mm) x 2.81"(71.4mm)

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