LectroRM remote app control for Lectrosonics SM

LectroRM remote app control for Lectrosonics SM

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Model: [LTAPPRM]
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LectroRM's remote control mechanism is the use of an audio sequence of tones that are interpreted by the SM transmitter as a configuration change. The settings available in LectroRM are: Audio Level, Frequency, Sleep Mode, Lock Mode, and Power Output Level. Power Output Level tones are only recognized by SM transmitters with firmware version 4.0 or later.
User Interface

The user interface of LectroRM mainly involves an interface for selecting the audio sequence related to the desired change. Each version has an interface for selecting the desired setting and the desired option for that setting. Each version also has a mechanism to prevent accidental activation of the tone.

The iPhone version keeps each available setting on a separate page with the list of options for that setting. On iOS, the "Activate" toggle switch must be enabled to show the button which will then activate the audio. The iOS version's default orientation is upside-down but can be configured to orient right-side up. The purpose for this is to orient the device's speaker, which is at the bottom of the device, closer to the transmitter microphone.

The Android version keeps all settings on the name page and allows the user to toggle between the activation buttons for each setting. The activation button must be long pressed to activate. The Android version also allows users to keep a configurable list of full sets of settings.

For an SM transmitter to respond to remote control audio tones, the transmitter must meet certain requirements:
The transmitter must not be turned off; it can however be in sleep mode
The transmitter must have firmware version 1.5 or later for Audio, Frequency, Sleep, and Lock changes, and firmware version 4.0 or later for Power changes
The transmitter microphone must be within range
The transmitter must be configured to enable remote control activation
When a configuration tone is activated in LectroRM, any remote control enabled SM transmitters within range will adopt the setting change. The SM transmitter is very sensitive to remote control tones even at very low levels. However, the maximum range for the remote control tone is limited not only by the volume of the tone. The nature of the audio tone sequencing is such that reverberations of the signal received by the transmitter can interfere with the original signal.

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