BOSTIK Blu Tack, adhesive, 60 gr

  • BOSTIK Blu Tack, adhesive, 60 gr
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Model: [BOBLTACK60]
Manutacturer: Bostik

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Blu-Tack is the original re-usable adhesive from Bostik.
Standard package 60gr.

Clean, safe and easy to use, Blu-Tack provides an ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tapes.

Bostik Blu-Tack is the is the original reusable adhesive. It is permanently plastic and pliable (tt can be readily formed into any shape). A few applications for the putty include using to stick posters, sealing around windows and doors, cleaning dust and hair from clothing, and keeping pictures straight. Use Blue-Tack on non-porous surfaces, painted surfaces, vinyl coated wall paper, glass, metal, etc. Remember to press it on, but roll it off. Any remaining Blu-Tack material can be removed by rolling or dabbing with another blob of Blu Tack.

The uses are endless, but here are some others:

  • Leave note on door.
  • Hold candles in place in holders.
  • Remove dust from awkward places.
  • Pick up dropped screws or nails.
  • Attach screw to screwdriver to get to hard places.
  • Hold figurines in place on the window sill.
  • Use to reduce noise vibration.
  • Hold markers in place on white board.
  • Clean computer keys.
  • Hold speakers in place on speaker stands.
  • Graphite artists can use as a graphite eraser or magnet.
  • Keep picture frames from shifting around on wall.