BETSO TCD-1 Compact Time Code Display

  • BETSO TCD-1 Compact Time Code Display
  • BETSO TCD-1 Compact Time Code Display
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Model: [BETCD1]
Manutacturer: Betso

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The Time Code Display BETSO TCD-1 is a small compact, self powered solution for displaying time code. It supports all frame rates and detects frame rate automatically. Menu-based settings allow quick setup of brightness, internal battery and external source voltage readout (for simly check of cart or bag power). Besides other features, we have also implemented a special power saving modes.

BETSO TCD-1 is made from lightweight aluminum alloy by precise CNC milling and laser cutting. With its small dimensions and light weight is ideal for portable use.

Typical application examples would be mounted on audio bag or sound cart for multiple camera shoots, for mixed camera formats, for DSLR's shoots, for easy and perfect sound sync, for documentary shoots w/o distracting clapper board, for video playback shoots, in a post-production studio, and many more. It integrates very well with other BETSO Time Code products for even broader variety of applications.
  • ?1" Super bright LED display with easy brightness setting and front anti-glare surface
  • small, compact and lightweight
  • internal high capacity Li-Po cells
  • easy menu-based settings
  • external power 6-16V DC (for charging internal Li-Po 9-16V DC)
  • precise mechanic construction made by CNC drilling and laser cutting from aluminium alloy
  • supports 23.976 fps - 30 fps drop frame and nondrop frame SMPTE TC formats (includes up to two times speeded up TC for use in music videos etc.)
  • dimensions only 215x44x21mm (WxHxD)

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