AUDIOROOT Stereo Mic Preamp, 48v ph, battery, ext DC

Price: 495,00€ + VAT
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  • Dual high gain/low noise mic preamp (+10 to + 64dB)
  • 48V phantom powering
  • 80hz 12dB/oct high pass filter
  • Bright OLED screen (sunlight readable)
  • 2 mic inputs on XLR3 connectors
  • Balanced line level output on XLR5 connector
  • High quality audio potentiometers
  • Superb powder coated and engraved aluminum enclosure
  • Lightweight – small footprint
  • Power efficient ( 6 hours autonomy with 2 Schoeps CMC64Ug)

The AUDIOROOT FEMTO is a high quality battery powered mic preamp that was designed for location sound recording ( ENG, EFP, music, etc…). It combines in a single box a high gain – low noise microphone preamp with 48V phantom powering, a 80hz 12dB/oct high pass filter and a beautiful OLED screen for audio and battery level information display. The FEMTO was designed to resist over time and against the harshest environments. The FEMTO’s premium electronics are protected by a lightweight powder coated aluminum extruded enclosure. Markings are directly engraved on the aluminum face panels to resist over time. The AUDIOROOT FEMTO is a high gain mic preamp with a default minimum gain setting of +10dB.

Weight (without batteries) : 327g
Dimensions : 95 x 129 x 42mm (l x p x h)
Powering: 2 x 9V batteries (type 6LR61) or external (12-18V)

A balanced line output cable XLR5 -> 2 x TA3F) is included for every purchase of an Audioroot FEMTO

Recommended external 100-240V PSU (not included) : MEAN WELL GE12I18-P1J

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