AMBIENT QDS Dipstick Articulated Boom Segment for Booms

Mod:[AMQDS] Prod: Ambient
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Price: 160,00€ + VAT
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The Dipstick is an addon accessory for our quickpole QP (or others) booms and although only 60 cms long allows an ENG recordist to boom over the head of a cameraman or round corners allowing one to get near the action.

The toothed flange can be set to any angle and once locked will not turn. The Dipstick can can be folded back on the boom or removed when not required. Note that the Dipstick requires a Quicklok for a completely rigid but quickly removable joint.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions:
    57,5- 104,5cm
  • Material:
    Carbon tubes, POM & Alu Flange, stainless steel tip
  • Weight:

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