AMBIENT HHA Handheld Adaptors

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Adapts Neumann and Sennheiser microphone heads for handhelds with Shure mount

Made out of solid metal the unobtrusive device enables you to match your favorite microphone sound with your favorite wireless handheld. The adaptor allows to mount heads for the Sennheiser SKM 5000 series such as the highly acclaimed Neumann KK 104 and 105 to any transmitter that uses the widely spread Shure mount.

An active power converting circuitry steps up the 5V Bias voltage found on those systems to Sennheiser-typical 7V. When combining Neumann's true condenser capsules with Lectrosonics' digital hybrid based HH, this voltage can be additionally be boosted to 15V delivering companderless dynamics at highest SPL plus signal to noise ratio unsurpassed in previous wireless systems.

4 differenti versioni disponibili:

HHA-S: Adapts Neumann® and Sennheiser® microphone heads for handhelds with Shure® Mount

HHA-SHS: Adapts Shure compatible microphone heads to Sennheiser 2000 and Evolution mount

HHA-SS: Adapts Sennheiser® 5000 microphone heads to 9000 and 2000 series as well as Evolution handhelds

HHA-SSH: Adapts Sennheiser® 2000/9000 Mikrophone Heads to Handhelds with Sony®,Shure® und Lectrosonics® Mount

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