DPA DUA 0571 Antivento in pelo grigio, con griglia incorporata, per 4071

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DUA0571 Antivento in pelo per 4071, Grigio, contiene già una griglia per 4071 nel suo interno.

Miniature Windjammer for use with 4071 in heavy wind. The windjammer fur coat is sewn to the mesh. This will make it totally insensitive to handling noise from any possible friction between the two materials. The presence boost of the 4071 microphone will be virtually unaffected by the windjammer, however the high frequency roll off will set in a little earlier.

Since the DUA0572 Miniature Mesh is inside the fur coat, a high frequency boost is done, which will make the loss of high frequency less prominent than normally seen (heard!) with windjammers.

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