AUTOCUE SSP17 Suggeritore Teleprompter 17"

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Prezzo: 2.300,00€ + IVA
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Sistema completo di Teleprompter con software incluso. Progettato per leggere fino a distanze di 6mt.

Sistema di suggeritore / gobbo Entry-level

4 soluzioni di teleprompter in 1

Tutto ciò di cui si ha bisogno in un solo pacchetto*

Free teleprompter hardware and software support

  • On-camera prompter unit
  • Floor standing prompter
  • Free standing prompter
  • Straight-read over camera teleprompter
  • Prompter pops up for easy mounting
  • Icon-based prompting software included
  • Designed for all cameras - riser & easy balance system
  • Support teams in 3 locations - NY, Charlotte & London
  • 50+ years of experience serving global broadcasters' prompting needs
  • Free software upgrades & monitor warranties


Size: 17”
Reading Range: 6m (20ft)
Brightness: 300 Nits
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Video Inputs: BNC (Composite), VGA, S-Video
Weight: 7.6 kgs (16.7 lbs)
Compliance: CE, FCC, ROHS

Operating Systems: XP, Windows 7 Professional, Mac
Control Options: Keyboard numbers or arrow keys,
mouse, ShuttleXpress, Wireless Hand Control or Foot Control
Dual screen: Yes
Language: All Windows languages

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