AMBIENT QWB Piattaforma per trasmettitore e alimentatore microfonico

Mod:[AMQWB] Prod: Ambient
Prezzo: 110,00€ + IVA
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QWB Piattaforma per montare su asta un trasmettitore RF  ed alimentatore microfonico (ad es. Ambient UMP) 

The QWB resembles a mounting plate for transmitter and the mike power supply at the tip of the boom.

This is a preferred position since it reduces cable clutter, allows for quick collapsing and expanding of the boom and provides a wide operation range with a minimum of interference.

Due to the use of our Quickpole Standard carbon fiber tube for the mid-axis and thin aluminium for the mounting plates the construction is lightweight but very sturdy at the same time.

Velcro Straps and soft pads provide quick, easy and save mounting of any common beltpack TX and the UMP II mikesupply.

E' disponibile anche per l'acquisto la protezione impermeabile per la pioggio QWB-RE al prezzo di euro 30,00 + IVA.


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