AMBIENT QRT Quicklock Inserzione/estrazione rapida

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Prezzo: 110,00€ + IVA
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Quicklock: set per inserzione/estrazione rapida di microfoni su asta.

Ogni set Quicklock contiene 2 tip per l'avvicendamento rapido di 2 differenti microfoni. 

Prezzo di un tip aggiuntivo = euro  22,00

See TrewAudio QRT video

The Ambient "Quicklok" quick release tip for microphone assemblies is the first professional snap connection available which makes a rigid rattle free joint and has a self-locking and self-locating action. The unit is a robust, precision mechanical assembly. The mechanism can be described as a taperlock where a taper stub (screwed to the microphone assembly) is inserted into a tapered hole through a butterfly opening which is twisted until the stub fall into place. Removal is by twisting the outer sleeve. The Quicklok fits any 3/8" thread as encountered on all microphone booms.


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