TRACER Batteria ricaricabile LiFePO4, 12V 40Ah, in PeliCase

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Tipo: Litio-Ferro-Fosfato (LiFePO4)
Tensione: 12 Volt
Capacità: 40Ah
Durata: 1400+ Cicli
Tempo di ricarica: 5-7 ore

Dimensions (") 11.8 x 9.8 x 4.7 
Dimensions (mm) 300 x 249 x 119
Weight (oz) 211.6
Weight (grams) 6000
Max Continuous Discharge Current 10A
Max Peak Current (for 10mS) 30A
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 8V
Charging Voltage 14.6V
Temperature Range (charging) 0°C — 40°C
Temperature Range (discharging) -10°C — 60°C
Self Discharge <0.5% per day

Flat Discharge
More power for longer
Lithium polymer technology gives a very flat discharge curve which means sustained power to the end of the cycle. If you are powering lights they will remain brighter for longer, giving you sustained performance.

Cycle Life>1400 Cycles
This is based on charging at a standard rate with a discharge from full capacity to 8V at 0.5C A. Rest time of 30 minutes between charge and discharge. Cycle life is classed as when discharge capacity is at 60% of original. Note that the battery still has a useful life after this.
Discharge Graph
Self-Discharge <0.5% per day
We recommend a full charge at least every six months.

Cycle Life

Self Discharge
La fornitura include:
Tracer 12V 40Ah Battery Pack & Peli™ Case
Mains 10A Smart Charger
4 Pin XLR Connector (Male)

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