Rycote Serie di kit Antivento standard per coppie di microfoni (stereo)

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Kit Rycote per coppie di microfoni mono in configurazione stereo. 
Kit comprensivi di Sospensione, Antivento rigido e Antivento in pelo.
Il ConnectorBox non è incluso e deve essere ordinato a parte.

The Modular Windshield Kit is now also available for Stereo pairs. This complete modular system can be configured to allow almost any stereo pairs, single shank stereo microphones, and stereo capsule microphones to be shock-mounted and provided with varying degrees of windshielding. Components may be ordered separately, or as one of a series of kits, which simplify the selection process for many common configurations.

Benefitting from the patented Lyre technology already in use with all our mono suspensions, the new stereo suspensions present an array of advantages over the previous "hoop & band" suspensions. They are be more robust, easier to set up, less prone to shock-vibrations, lighter, and more versatile.

The Universal Back-to-Back clips are designed to accommodate any microphone from 19 to 25mm in diameter and therefore make it easier to determine the right set-up for a particular Stereo Pair of microphones.

Suspensions with 30mm clips on a riser are also available for single stereo microphones.

A Full Windshield Kit is comprised of the following three main components: Modular Suspension, Modular Windshield and Windjammer™. The Connbox is NOT included.

Il prezzo indicato è valido per le seguenti varianti:


Kit stereo AG. Per microfoni diametro 19-25 mm, lunghezza massima 190 mm. Per
Sennheiser MKH416 /MKH60 /MKH30, Schoeps CMIT5U /CMC68 /CCM8.
080202      Kit stereo AD. Per microfoni diametro 19-25 mm, lunghezza massima 90 mm. Per KM120/KM140
080203      Kit stereo AE. Per microfoni diametro 19-25 mm, lunghezza massima 140 mm. Per Sennheiser MKH30/MKH40/MKH50 o Schoeps CMC+MK senza CUT1
080204      Kit stereo AF. Per microfoni diametro 19-25 mm, lunghezza massima 190 mm. Per Schoeps serie CMC con CUT1.

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