RYCOTE Kit antivento per MKH 416, CMIT e simili

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RYCOTE Windshield kit perfect for MKH 416, CMIT and similars includes:
- Sospensione per microfoni fino a 25 cm di lunghezza, ad es.: MKH 416, CMIT 5U, DPA 4017B ecc.
, 2 Lire rosso, cavo Mogami con XLR Low Profile all'interno del basket
- Basket WS3
- Antivento in pelo WJ3
NOTA: nel kit non è incluso nè Connector Box nè Impugnatura a pistola.

That’s why we designed the Windshield Kit, 416. Featuring our genuine, patented Lyre® technology, Rycote basket windshield, premium short XLR connectors (incorporated from our advanced Cyclone® range) and professional-quality Mogami cable, it’s perfect for the Sennheiser MKH 416.*
An industry standard for a variety of professional recording situations in broadcast, radio and television, Sennheiser’s MKH 416 shotgun microphone deserves the best wind and handling noise protection available.

*Also suitable for other shotgun microphones up to 250mm in length, & between 19 and 25mm in diameter.

Main Benefits:

  • Designed and optimised for key industry microphones
  • Exceptional value without compromising on quality
Technical Specifications:
  • industry standard for:
    • Sennheiser MKH 416
    • Neumann KMR81i
    • Røde NTG3
    • Sanken CS-2, CS-3e
    • Schoeps CMIT5u
    • DPA 4017B
  • Mogami cable
  • gilded Neutrik connectors
  • 3/8-inch screw thread
  • dimensions: 180 x 370 mm
  • diameter: 104 mm
  • weight:
    • kit: 380 g
    • suspension: 230 g
    • windshield: 120 g
    • kit with windshield: 500 g

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