RockNRoller Estensione laterale

RockNRoller Estensione laterale


Prezzo: 46,00€ + IVA
Prezzo (IVA inclusa): 56,12€

Modello: [RRK1]
Produttore: VARIE MARCHE


Votazione 5/5 (2 Voti)

The Rock-n-Roller® Multi-Cart® Extension Rack instantly attaches/detaches to either end of Multi-Cart increasing cubic cargo capacity by approximately 20%. Great for carrying odd shaped, hard-to-stack gear and saving that one extra trip to the car. Sturdy powder-coated steel tube frame. Platform dimensions 13.5”x10”x1.5”. Weight: 4.4 lbs.  
Fits R6, R8, R10, R12

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