Hawk-Woods VL-P60 13.8V 60W Camera Power Supply

Hawk-Woods VL-P60 13.8V 60W Camera Power Supply


Prezzo: 177,50€ + IVA
Prezzo (IVA inclusa): 216,55€

Modello: [HWVLP60]
Produttore: HAWK-WOODS


Votazione 3.33/5 (3 Voti)

The Hawk-Woods' V-Lok Camera Power Supply Units are the most compact and lightweight 60W on-board units available today. Fitted with V-Lok, the VL-P60 has been designed to fit all Sony® compatable cameras fitted with the V-Mount as well as any camera, monitor etc fitted with the V-Lok Mount. The VL-P60 is capable of powering a camera at 25W, with an on-board camera lamp up to 35W.

Size: 15.4 x8.4 x5.4cm
Weight:  355g
DC Output

Features and Specifications:

  • IEC Inlet
  • Overload, Over-Voltage, Short Circuit Protect
  • Operating Temp Range 0~50C
  • Auto Ranging 90~132 / 180~265VAC
  • Voltage Frequencey 47~63Hz
  • Power Consumption of just 1A @ 100V ~ AC
  • World Wide Mains Input as Standard

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